Training within RG.BIO


Gianmarco SperaMaster student

I am a master student in Theoretical physics at University of Rome La Sapienza. I’m interested in the study, both theoretically and numerically, of Active matter. My master thesis is focused on the study of collective behavior and mating dynamics of mosquitos. The final aim is to identify key control parameters for the collective behaviour of the swarms and their relationship with reproductive function. My thesis supervisor is Prof.ssa Irene Giardina.


Master thesis followed by RG.BIO:

  • “Dynamical response to local perturbations of an active matter system with polar order”, Davide Venturelli, University of Rome La Sapienza, 2019. Advisor: Irene Giardina.
  • “Zero-temperature critical behaviour of a continuous spin system”, Antonio Culla, University of Rome La Sapienza, 2018. Advisor: Andrea Cavagna.
  • “Critical dynamics of a non-dissipative statistical model for biological systems”, Giulia Pisegna, University of Rome La Sapienza, 2018. Advisor: Andrea Cavagna. This work received the national award con.Scienze” for the ten best scientific master thesis of 2018.
  • Statistical inference for the dynamics of bird flocks”, Federica Ferretti, University of Rome La Sapienza in collaboration with Ècole Normale Supèrieure (Paris), 2018. Advisor: Irene Giardina.