Dario Borgogno

Temporary Researcher

My research activity is focused on the analytical and numerical investigation of fundamental physics processes taking place in astrophysical and fusion plasmas. I am interested in the nonlinear evolution of plasma instabilities, in particular magnetic reconnection, waves and turbulence. My analyses are carried out in 2D and 3D geometry, assuming both classical MHD and more advanced Landau fluid models, developed for studying the influence of kinetic contributions in weakly collisional plasmas.
Due to the challenging numerical effort for carrying out this research activity, I am strongly focused on the development of advanced computational codes, suitable for running on parallel super computers, for the integration of fluid-like equation systems. For this reason I have been principal and co-investigator of many parallel computing projects on the largest european high performance computing centres (Cineca (IT), Liebniz Supercomputing Centre (DE), IDRIS (FR)).