Valentina Mussi

keywords: vibrational spectroscopy and imaging; nanotechnology applied to biomedicine; biosensors

Unit Head

My expertise is in applied and quantum optics, physics of surfaces, and nanotechnology applied to biomedicine. I graduated in 1998 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on Quantum Optics. I received the Ph.D. in physics in 2003 at the University Roma Tre, with a thesis on optical properties of color centers produced by ion irradiation in alkali halides, doing part of the work at the Laboratoire de Phisico-Chimie deux Materiaux Luminescentes of University Claude Bernard (Lyon, France). From 2006 to 2012, I have directed the research on the development of nanopore biosensors and nanostructured devices for drug delivery at the Nanomed Labs of the Physics Department of the University of Genova, where I gained a position of assistant professor with teaching assignments on Physics for Cultural Heritage and Medicine. In 2010, I contributed to found the spin-off of the University of Genova “Nanomed Srl”. Since 2012, I am research scientist at ISC, where I work on spectral imaging for bioanalytical and diagnostic applications. In 2013, I gained the National Scientific Qualification for Associate Professor, Sector 02/B3 “Applied Physics”. I presently coordinate the Tech4Bio inter-institute group at CNR (, and I am responsible of the Organizational Support Unit of ISC in the Tor Vergata Area of Rome.