Increase Your Number of Winnings in the UkrBestCasino

As you know, the Lord of the Ocean is five reels and 40 pay-lines slot machine game. It is powered by the Novomatic software. From the name of the game itself, you’ll picture an ocean-themed game that comes with the gods that rule the beautiful seas. When it comes to the game’s graphics, you can say that is neat and well-polished with a peaceful and calming blue backdrop. Give this slot a free spin and enjoy playing for real money.

Winning Strategies

Free Spins

Wait for the launch of the free games as it is one of the sure ways to win the game. It usually runs around in every 50 to 200 spins. If you spend more time playing, you’ll get most of the wins.

The Bid Rate

Some may bid low and some bids overly high. It is best to stick with the optimal rates around 10 to 40 per spin. By maintaining somewhere in this rate, you are more likely to keep your bankroll balance positive.

Put a Limit on both Winning and Losing Stage

Setting a limit on how much to spend on free online casino games when winning and losing is also setting a goal to complete your process of the game. If you get at least 30-40% of your bankroll amount, you can stop and rest from there. As for the lost limit, if you already lost one-third of the amount you’ve deposited, you stop right there and come back the next time around. By doing this, you won’t lose all your credits, and you’re winning a decent amount.

Important Tips

Don’t bid too low or the minimum amount like 0.04 as it won’t bring you a positive result. The higher you place a bet, the bigger prize you have a chance of winning. However, remember that risk is also high in losing. If you play the game at both medium and high rates, the free backs can help you to bring home decent payouts.

The additional symbols will help you increase the chance of winning regardless the amount of your bet. Remember the Lord of the Ocean’s limits to increase gains. When you are able to win or break a major prize, you then stop playing. It is better to enjoy this money outside than spending it all back to the game as it may turn to 0 and leave you nothing at hand.