Job opening: post graduate/post doc position in the Complex Photonics Group

Post graduate/post doc position is open in the Complex Photonics group on experiments in Random Lasers (RLs). Random lasers are cavity less lasers where the resonator is given by the multiple scattering of light by suitable complex disordered materials and are capturing the interest of several research groups in the world for both fundamental physics investigation in random photonics and applications in targeting, sensing and structured illumination.
The research topic of the open position is the realization of miniaturized RLs with ad hoc microscopic structure obtained by lithographic techniques.
The experimental work involves the optimization of optical set-ups and extensive measurements and analysis of emission spectra end fluorescence imaging. The aim is the fine control of the emission properties and the study of mode coupling and spatial extension of the observable electromagnetic resonances.
The position is for 18 months.
Complex Photonics Laborarotory is situated at the Department of Physics of Sapienza University, ranked among top Physics Departments in the world. For applications please contact: and