Cumulative Merging Percolation and the Epidemic Transition of the Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible Model in Networks

Claudio Castellano and Romualdo Pastor-Satorras published this article in Phys. Rev. X 10, 011070 – Published 24 March 2020

Complex networks represent the interaction pattern for many real-world phenomena such as epidemic spreading. The simplest and most fundamental model for … Read the rest

Outstanding Referee: Andrea Puglisi

Congratulations to Andrea Puglisi for being chosen for the APS Outstanding Referees 2020 award.
Past award winners have been:
2019 Jose Lorenzana
2018 Stefano Lepri
2016 Lara Benfatto
2011 Massimo Cencini
2008 Alessandro TorciniRead the rest

Fiocco Azzurro per Roberta

Auguri a Roberta Angelini!… Read the rest

Lake Como School of Advanced Photonics

Machine Learning Photonics

Lake Como School of Advanced Studies

14 – 18 September 2020

The school brings together experts in emerging photonic technologies, machine learning techniques, and fundamental physics who will share with young researchers their knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches … Read the rest

Photonic Reservoir Computing and Information Processing in Complex Network

Trento, 4-6 December 2019
Sociology Building (Aula Kessler)
via Verdi 26, Trento (Italy)
Workshop Directors
Lorenzo Pavesi (University of Trento)
Manlio De Domenico (FBK – Bruno Kessler Foundation)
Claudio Conti (Sapienza University)
For further info see web site
Wednesday … Read the rest

La genesi dei modelli: teoria, simulazioni e dati

25-27 Novembre 2019 Accademia dei Lincei, Roma

Sala delle Scienze Fisiche – Palazzo Corsini – via della Lungara, 10 – Roma

Nella pratica reale della ricerca scientifica si lavora, di fatto, sempre con “modelli”, termine che può essere … Read the rest

Fluid dynamics simulation of physiological systems – Postdoc position

Fluid dynamics simulation of physiological systems:
Collaboration between statistical physicists and physicians
Estimated date for starting: January 2020
Scientific coordinator:
Dr S. Melchionna
annual gross income: € 19367… Read the rest

Fluid dynamics simulation of physiological systems – Senior Postdoc position (1 + 1 year)

Fluid dynamics simulation of physiological systems:
Collaboration between statistical physicists and physicians
Scientific coordinator:
Dr Simone Melchionna
annual gross income: € 26000
Date to submit applications : October 24th 2019
Position for a post-doc with at least 2 … Read the rest

FIG 2. For rods, Λ = 1, it is shown by color the value of the cosine of the angle between particle swimming direction and local velocity.

Alignment of Nonspherical Active Particles in Chaotic Flows – Physical Review Letters

Massimo Cencini has published Alignment of Nonspherical Active Particles in Chaotic Flows in Physical Review Letters.

Active particles, such as motile microorganisms or artificial microswimmers, swim in a surrounding flow, either externally imposed or self-generated. Besides transporting the active particles, … Read the rest

ATTRACT finanzia progetti innovativi

Il 20 e 21 maggio 2019 Silvia Capuani ha preso parte al kick-off meeting del progetto ATTRACT presso il CERN. ATTRACT mira a finanziare progetti molto innovativi riguardanti nuovi sensori e nuove tecniche di imaging. Con lo scopo di colmare … Read the rest

Società Italiana di Fisica Statistica established

The Italian Statistical Physics Society (Società Italiana di Fisica Statistica) has been founded. the rest

Polymers and Soft Materials: Glasses, Gels and Networks – Erice School

Summer Course – Erice, July 9th – 16th 2019
International school: “Water and water systems”
2nd Course: Polymers and Soft Materials: Glasses, Gels and Networks
For general information:


Read the rest

Workshop: Monitoraggio e Manutenzione delle Aree Archeologiche

Colosseo 2019
Workshop on: Monitoraggio e manutenzione nelle aree archeologiche.
Cambiamenti climatici, dissesto idrogeologico e geomorfologico, degrado chimico ambientale
Roma, 20-21 Marzo 2019
Here are the slides by Massimo Materassi for the event.… Read the rest

Scientific perspectives of Italy-India collaborations

Venue Sala Lauree – Department of Physics, Sapienza University of Rome

From left to right: Dr. L. Benfatto, Prof. E. Gaudio, Dr V. Grippo, H.E. R. Sandhu, Prof. C. Spinella, Prof. P. Mataloni, Dr M. Pessina, Prof. N. Saini

On … Read the rest

In the news: Paola Verrucchi on the arrow of time

Paola Verrucchi interviewed by La Repubblica in a news article “Scienziati riescono a invertire il corso del tempo. Su un computer quantistico
Also in

Read the rest

Quantum Measurement Cooling selected for highlights of PRL

Congratulations go to Paola Verrucchi and the co-authors of Quantum Measurement Cooling, recently published in Physical Review Letters, for having been selected as editor’s suggestion and featured article. dedicates synopsis for the article as well.… Read the rest

Optical networks as complex lasers

A review article in the physics-central, physics-buzz blog has appeared presenting the recent results of G. Giacomelli, S. Lepri (ISC) and C.Trono (IFAC) about the LANER (lasing network): the rest

Job opening: post graduate/post doc position in the Complex Photonics Group

Post graduate/post doc position is open in the Complex Photonics group on experiments in Random Lasers (RLs). Random lasers are cavity less lasers where the resonator is given by the multiple scattering of light by suitable complex disordered materials and … Read the rest

Mauro Missori awarded a CNR/CACH Bilateral Agreement

Mauro Missori awarded a CNR Bilateral Agreement with the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage (CACH) with the project “Nanoscale degradation indexes of ancient Chinese and Italian papers for conservation & restoration applications”.

The aim of this joint research project is … Read the rest

Claudia Marconi joins ISC

Claudia Marconi has a master degree in Chemistry with specialization in chemical-physics. She won a research grant on the topic “Microscopic evaluation of the effect of washing on the optical and structural properties of synthetic fabrics” within a … Read the rest

International Day of Girls and Women in Science

Aula Amaldi, Edificio Marconi, Sapienza Università di Roma

Locandina evento
L’11 Febbraio è stato nominato dalle Nazioni Unite “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” con le finalità di: “…achieve full and equal access to and participation … Read the rest

A silver path for high temperature superconductivity

Superconductors are materials that conduct electricity without loss of energy when cooled to sufficiently low temperatures. This sort of perpetual movement of electrons allows the creation of large magnetic fields for applications such as magnetic resonance imaging, which is used … Read the rest

Franco Bagnoli awarded public outreach prize

Prof. Franco Bagnoli has been awarded a national public outreach prize for an article published in Sapere. The text in available here.… Read the rest

Two postdocs in complex materials applied to quantum technologies

The Rome-Sapienza Unit of the Institute for Complex Systems (ISC-CNR) is looking for two outstanding postdocs one experimental and one theoretical. Both postdocs will join an interdisciplinary team of nanoscience scientists, material science specialists, and theoreticians with the aim to … Read the rest

In the news: Physics Today reviews Paolo Politi’s book

Physics Today reviews Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics: A Modern Perspective by Roberto Livi and Paolo Politi, Cambridge U. Press, 2017… Read the rest

A new look at effective interactions between microgel particles – Nature Communications

Maxime J. Bergman, Nicoletta Gnan, Marc Obiols-Rabasa, Janne-Mieke Meijer, Lorenzo Rovigatti, Emanuela Zaccarelli & Peter Schurtenberger
Nature Communications volume 9, Article number: 5039 (2018)

Thermoresponsive microgels find widespread use as colloidal model systems, because their temperature-dependent size allows facile … Read the rest

Protein-like dynamical transition in concentrated microgels

Letizia Tavagnacco, Emanuela Zaccarelli and others published Evidence of a low-temperature dynamical transition in concentrated microgels in Science Advances.

A low-temperature dynamical transition has been reported in several proteins. We provide the first observation of a “protein-like” dynamical transition in … Read the rest

Nuove Mailing list

La nuova struttura delle mailing list è la seguente:

Lista Consiglio di Istituto

Liste geografiche (sia personale CNR sia gli esterni assegnisti, associati)

Liste del personale:

Liste segreteria (unificate mediante un alias):

Read the rest

Seminar: Non-reciprocal resonant optomechanics in semiconductor nanostructures

Friday, 5 October 2018 from 15:00 to 16:00 (Europe/Rome)
University of Rome, Sapienza
Aula Cortini Dipartimento di Fisica – Edificio E Fermi

Alexander V. Poshakinskiy
Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

In semiconductor quantum wells, photoelastic interaction is increased by several … Read the rest

Gilead Digital Health Fellowship Program award goes to ISC App project

Gilead Digital Health Fellowship Program award goes to “ABC epatite”. Sviluppo di una app per la prevenzione delle epatiti virali e per la consapevolezza dei comportamenti a rischio.
Principal Researcher F.A. Farrelly.… Read the rest

Emanuela Zaccarelli promoted to research director

Congratulations to Emanuela Zaccarelli for being promoted to the position of research director.… Read the rest

Andrea Puglisi promoted to senior researcher

Congratulations to Andrea Puglisi for being promoted to the position of senior researcher.… Read the rest

Lara Benfatto awarded Ludwig-Genzel-Prize

Lara Benfatto awarded Ludwig-Genzel-Prize.
The Ludwig-Genzel-Prize is awarded to a young scientist for exceptional contributions to the field of condensed-matter spectroscopy.… Read the rest

José Lorenzana appointed acting director

José Lorenzana will take over from Claudio Conti as director starting July 1st 2018.
Many thanks to both of them.Read the rest

Sezione divulgazione

È ora disponibile una sezione in italiano dedicata alla divulgazione.… Read the rest


International Workshop on 2D superconductivity, Rome 22 June 2018

SuperTop2018 is an international one-day workshop aimed at bringing together experts in the fields of two-dimensional superconductors, covering different topics ranging from conventional and unconventional superconductors to quasi-2D Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless physics and … Read the rest

Symposium EP07: Tailored Disorder─Novel Materials for Advanced Optics and Photonics

Hynes Convention Center (Boston, USA)
November 25-30, 2018
The MRS Fall Meeting 2018 symposium aims to create collaboration and a creative discussion among the many groups involved in the search, development and use of disorder covering all areas and disciplines … Read the rest

Emanuela Zaccarelli awarded a MIUR FARE grant

Emanuela Zaccarelli awarded a MIUR FARE grant with the project SOFTART: Enhancing microgels potentialities: ultrasoftness and cultural heritage applications.

The project builds on the ERC Consolidator project MIMIC and combines theoretical/numerical expertise of the MIMIC team led by Emanuela … Read the rest

Valentina Palmieri awarded PREMIO FUTURO prize

Research on graphene for anti-bacterial applications wins the prize “PREMIO FUTURO” awarded to Valentina Palmieri, leading the ISC-Cattolica collaboration.
PremioGiovedìScienza_VII ed_VINCITORI_10-5-2018_COMUNICATORead the rest

Mechanics of Earthquake Faulting

International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”
July 2-7, 2018


Andrea Bizzarri – INGV, Sezione di Bologna (Italy)
Shamita Das – University of Oxford (UK)
Alberto Petri – CNR-ISC, Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)


Anna Maria Loguercio – CNR-ISC, … Read the rest

2018 Workshop on Complexity in Engineering (COMPENG)

COMPENG 2018 will focus on the latest developments in complexity science
and their application in an engineering perspective.
Authors are encouraged to submit abstract or papers on their research
considering, but not being limited to, the following topics:

– Agent-based … Read the rest

Andrea Cavagna wins ERC Advanced Grant

Congratulations to Andrea Cavagna for winning an ERC Advanced Grant (panel PE2) with the project:
Renormalization group approach to the collective behaviour of strongly correlated biological systems (RG.BIO)

Biological systems displaying collective behaviour are characterized by strong spatio-temporal correlations, which … Read the rest

Flexible and Wearable Metamaterials: new frontiers in biomedical and safety&security applications

Metamaterials are engineered material having periodic structures that exhibit unique properties when they interact with electromagnetic waves in comparison with natural materials. They offer interesting applications throughout the electromagnetic spectrum and are crucial in the Terahertz (THz) frequency band which … Read the rest

Outstanding Referee: Stefano Lepri

Stefano Lepri Outstanding Referee of Physical Review for 2018

American Physical Society announces “Outstanding Referees” for 2018

Ridge, NY, 26 February 2018 — The American Physical Society (APS) has selected 147 Outstanding Referees for 2018 that have demonstrated exceptional work … Read the rest

Spatio-temporal phenomena in complex systems with time delays

The review article Spatio-temporal phenomena in complex systems with time delays by S. Yanchuk and G. Giacomelli has been selected for inclusion in the Journal of Physics A Highlights of 2017 collection (Topical Reviews):… Read the rest

Ciclo di seminari: Dalla fisica della Risonanza Magnetica Nucleare alle immagini diagnostiche

Silvia Capuani (CNR ISC & NMR and Medical physics Laboratory Physics Dpt. Sapienza)
Friday, 26 January 2018 from 15:00 to 17:00 (Europe/Rome)
at Dipartimento di Fisica – Edificio G. Marconi ( Aula Conversi )
(locandina ciclo seminari)
Venerdì 26 gennaio … Read the rest

In the news: anti-graphene surface and bone tissue in Le Scienze

Le Scienze – the italian edition of American scienze – reports on
Laser-printed anti-bacterial graphene oxide helps regenerate bone.… Read the rest

Elezioni Consiglio di Istituto – 2018

Read the rest

Workshop on Teaching and Learning Statistical Physics

April 4th-6th 2018
Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Via San Donato, 21 – 53045 (Google Maps)
Montepulciano (Siena, Italy)
Organizers: Roberto Livi (University of Florence) and Paolo Politi (Institute for Complex Systems, CNR)
Scientific Secretary: Giovanna … Read the rest

Riordino siti ISC

Dopo una fase di transizione sono stati chiusi i siti


che ora sono reindirizzati al sito principale isc.… Read the rest

NAR: Energetic funnel facilitates facilitated diffusion

Massimo Cencini has published Energetic funnel facilitates facilitated diffusion in Nucleic Acid Research.

Gene transcription is regulated by proteins – Transcription Factors (TFs) – that by binding to short target sequences are able to promote or impede the binding of … Read the rest

Antonio Scala interviewed

Antonio ScalaRead the rest

Observation of replica symmetry breaking in disordered nonlinear wave propagation

Davide Pierangeli, Andrea Tavani, Fabrizio Di Mei, Aharon J. Agranat, Claudio Conti & Eugenio DelRe have published an article Observation of replica symmetry breaking in disordered nonlinear wave propagation in nature communications.
A landmark of statistical mechanics, spin-glass theory … Read the rest

Talk: Miguel Alonso – November 22, 2017

Aula 6 – Edificio Fermi, Dipartimento di Fisica
The connection between rays and waves
Miguel Alonso (University Rochester)
While the ray model is outdated as a physical theory, it is still an extremely valuable conceptual and computational tool … Read the rest

PRX: Relating Topological Determinants of Complex Networks to Their Spectral Properties: Structural and Dynamical Effects

Claudio Castellano has published Relating Topological Determinants of Complex Networks to Their Spectral Properties: Structural and Dynamical Effects in Physical Review X.

In many social and biological systems, the pattern of interactions is described by complex networks—mathematical constructions composed of … Read the rest

Talk: Martin Weitz – November 2 2017

Aula Conversi, Dipartimento di Fisica (I piano edificio Marconi)
3pm-4pm (info)
Martin Weitz (Universität Bonn)

Bose-Einstein condensation has been observed with cold atomic gases,
exciton-polaritons, and more recently with photons in a dye-filled optical
microcavity. I will … Read the rest

Seminario: Alessandro Taloni – 15 novembre 2017

Aula Conversi, Dipartimento di Fisica (I piano edificio Marconi)
Ore: 16:00
Alessandro Taloni

Complexity models in biophysics and material science

I will review three topics of my recent activity:

  1. Fractional Langevin Equation and its application to linear stochastic
Read the rest

Seminario: Andrea Marini – 8 novembre 2017

Aula Conversi, Dipartimento di Fisica (I piano edificio Marconi)
ore 16:00
Andrea Marini

Nanofotonica nonlineare su metalli e grafene: sfide e opportunità

La nanofotonica è la scienza che studia il confinamento della luce in regioni di spazio … Read the rest

Macromolecules Editors’ Choice: In Silico Synthesis of Microgel Particles

Congratulations to Nicoletta Gnan, Lorenzo Rovigatti, Maxime Bergman and Emanuela Zaccarelli whose article In Silico Synthesis of Microgel Particles has been selected as editor’s choice in Macromolecules.… Read the rest

Auguri Mandrake

Auguri a Luciano Ortenzi! Altro fiocco azzurro @ ISC.… Read the rest

Nonequilibrium statistical physics: A modern perspective (book)

Paolo Politi and Roberto Livi have published a book:
Nonequilibrium statistical physics: A modern perspective.
Statistical mechanics has been proven to be successful at describing physical systems at thermodynamic equilibrium. Since most natural phenomena occur in nonequilibrium conditions, the … Read the rest

ISC Meeting 2017

October 16th-17th 2017

Programma Meeting 2017

Soft Matter

Monday  16 October 10.00 → 12.20 (Morning)
10:00-10:20 Introduction by the Director
10.20-10.40 “In silico” synthesis of microgel particles E. Zaccarelli
10.40-11.00 Experimental behaviour of soft colloids: responsive microgels
Read the rest

Physics of Complexity @ ISC-Sapienza

La Fisica della Complessità @ISC-Sapienza

17 Ottobre 2017, ore 16:00

Università La Sapienza,

Dipartimento di Fisica,

Aula Conversi

L’Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, la cui attività si svolge da vari anni in stretta collaborazione … Read the rest

EPL Editor’s Choice: Effective mobility and diffusivity in coarsening processes

Congratulations to Paolo Politi whose letter Effective mobility and diffusivity in coarsening processes has been selected as editor’s choice in Europhysics Letters.… Read the rest

Nature Materials: High-mobility molecular semiconductors

Sergio Ciuchi and others have published “A map of high-mobility molecular semiconductors” in the September edition of Nature Materials


The charge mobility of molecular semiconductors is limited by the large fluctuation of intermolecular transfer integrals, often referred Read the rest

Dynamic scaling in natural swarms – Nature Physics Cover

The cover page of the September issue of Nature Physics is dedicated to the article “Dynamic scaling in natural swarms” recently published by CoBBS Group (Andrea Cavagna, Daniele Conti, Chiara Creato, Lorenzo Del Castello, Irene GiardinaRead the rest

Notte della Scienza

Venerdì 29 Settembre 2017
Una giornata dedicata alla Scienza
www.nottedellascienza.itRead the rest

Economic Fitness: Evolving Economic Complexity for Development

See also A Better Way to Make Economic Forecasts

Il 14 settembre alla Banca Mondiale di Washington
Questo evento è totalmente dedicato ai risultati e alle prospettive della collaborazione
tra il gruppo della Sapienza (Fisica) e dell’Istituto dei Sistemi … Read the rest

Fiocco Rosa Estivo

Auguri a Alessandro TaloniRead the rest

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Small Systems Workshop

September 18-20, 2017
Venue University of Rome “La Sapienza” Physics Department, Marconi building I floor
A challenging frontier in statistical physics concerns systems with a small number N of degrees of freedom, far from the thermodynamic limit: such an … Read the rest

Pubblicato il Verbale del CDI

Pubblicato il Verbale del CDI nella sezione comunicazioni del sito ISC (pagina riservata)… Read the rest

Dynamic scaling in natural swarms – Nature Physics

Andrea Cavagna, Daniele Conti, Chiara Creato, Lorenzo Del Castello, Irene Giardina, Tomas S. Grigera, Stefania Melillo, Leonardo Parisi & Massimiliano Viale have published an article on the collective behaviour in biological systems which presents theoretical challenges beyond … Read the rest

Summer School & Workshop on Data-driven methods for Multi-Scale Physics and Complex Systems

Summer School: July 24-28 at La Sapienza
Workshop: July 31-August 4 at the University Washington (Rome Center)
Further information
Physics without equations?Read the rest

Nuovo Fiocco Rosa

Auguri a Agnese D’Orazio.… Read the rest

ISC Help Desk Blog

The ISC Help Desk now has a blog for it’s announcements in the under the comunicazioni section of our web site: the rest

The LANER: optical networks as complex lasers

Complex Active Optical Networks as a New Laser Concept by Stefano Lepri, Cosimo Trono and Giovanni Giacomelli has been published in Physical Review Letters.

The introduction of one or more active sections in a complex network may lead to … Read the rest

In the news: Quantum computing in medicine

Paola Verrucchi interviewed on the role of quantum computing in medicine, in an article in Il Sole 24 Ore, a national daily newspaper specialized in economics.
see alsoRead the rest

Review on Spatio-temporal phenomena in complex systems with time delays

Serhiy Yanchuk and Giovanni Giacomelli published a topical review in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.

Real-world systems can be strongly influenced by time delays occurring in self-coupling interactions, due to unavoidable finite signal propagation velocities. When the delays … Read the rest

In the news: Graphene antibacterial cloak published in Corriere della Sera

The Corriere della Sera, a major national daily newspaper, published an article “Che arma il granchio di Grafene Stermina i batteri più coriacei” in its January 8th 2017 edition, regarding the Biomimetic Antimicrobial Cloak. … Read the rest

Biomimetic antimicrobial cloak by graphene-oxide agar hydrogel

Massimiliano Papi and others published a scientific report on an antibacterial cloak produced by laser printing graphene oxide hydrogels mimicking the Cancer Pagurus carapace.… Read the rest

Three researchers join the ranks

Congratulations to Andrea Liscio, Alessandro Taloni and Lucanos Marsilio Strambini who have won permanent positions at CNR-ISC.… Read the rest

Fiocco Rosa

Auguri a Andrea Gnoli.… Read the rest

Report on ISC @Sapienza

The scientific mission of the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) of the Research National Council (CNR) is the study of the science of complexity, from fundamental issues to applications. Complex systems are composed by interacting elements which exhibit some emergent … Read the rest


La Fisica della Complessità@ISC-Sapienza
6 Dicembre 2016, ore 16:00
Sapienza Università,
Dipartimento di Fisica,
Aula Conversi
L’Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, la cui attività si svolge da vari anni in stretta collaborazione con i ricercatori … Read the rest

Nature Communications: Raman spectroscopy and neutron diffraction reveal ice XVII

New porous water ice metastable at atmospheric pressure obtained by emptying a hydrogen-filled ice
Leonardo Del Rosso, Milva Celli & Lorenzo Ulivi
The properties of some forms of water ice reserve still intriguing surprises. Besides the several stable or … Read the rest

Maria Stella Maggio joins ISC within her “Torno Subito” research project

Stella has a master degree in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Diagnostics. She will work together with Mauro Missori for 5 months as part of her “Torno Subito” research project funded by Regione Lazio and titled “Use of THz technology Read the rest

In the news: Re-entrant DNA gels in Nature Communications

Francesco Sciortino and his group published Re-entrant DNA gels in Nature Communications, showing that bulk quantities of colloidal nanoparticles that can be used for designing and realizing self-assembled soft materials with unconventional properties.… Read the rest

ISC meeting – Diffusion Processes

An ISC-meeting on diffusion processes took place in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) on Sept. 27th and 28th.
It was the occasion to highlight the variety of ISC research fields where diffusion plays a relevant role:

If brownian motion has been a … Read the rest

Local equilibrium in bird flocks – Nature Physics

Irene Giardina and Andrea Cavagna together with their group, have published
Local equilibrium in bird flocks in Nature Physics.… Read the rest

Thematic Meeting “Materials for Energy”

Settembre 9th 2016
University of Roma “La Sapienza”
Physics Department
Aula Rasetti
ProgramRead the rest

Metrology In A Complex World: From Urban And Energy Systems To Social Networks

July 26th 2016
CeSMA – Centro di Servizi Metrologici Avanzati
Workshop CeSMA 2016.07.26.pdfRead the rest