Alessandro Coppo

Temporary Researcher

keywords: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, Generalized Coherent States, Black Hole Thermodynamics, Quantum Optics, Superconductivity, Josephson junctions, Topological quantum phases


“Nature is genuinely quantum; classicality is only an emergent behaviour.”

“I first encountered the quantum information theory in the context of quantum communication when I worked on the teleportation protocol for my undergraduate thesis. I was very fascinated by this topic which often appears in science fiction, and I wanted to understand how it was related to the laws of physics. I was very surprised to discover it is a fundamental strategy for sharing, between two very distant points, information encoded in states of physical systems having quantum properties. I then decided to dive into the quantum world and learn about the many interesting objects and phenomena that populated it.”

Research interest:

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum-to-classical crossover. Large-N limit and emergence of classical-like behaviours.
  •  Page and Wootters mechanism. Time as an illusion created by entanglement.
  •  Quantum measurement process. Emergence of objective reality.
  •  Quantum information theory and quantum sensing.
  •  Quantum algorithms and cryptography protocols.
  •  Geometry in quantum mechanics. Complexity à la Nielsen. Topology.

Gravitational phenomena from the quantum standpoints

  •  Black-Hole evaporation and information paradox
  •  Clocks and Black-Holes
  • Black-Hole complexity

Quantum technological applications

  • Superconductivity: cuprate heterostructures, Josephson junctions, superconducting qubits and circuits, role of supersymmetry in flux-qubits
  • Photonics: parametric processes, spontaneous symmetry breaking and Kerr non-linearities
  • Topological quantum phases and phenomena

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