Claudia Fasolato


keywords: Optical spectroscopy, Nanostructured systems, Biophysics, Biomolecules, Plasmonics, Self- assembly
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Scientific interests

I am an experimental physicist, and I was trained in the field of condensed matter, with a specific focus on functional nanomaterials. Since my Ph.D., my research activity has involved the study of molecular system by surface-enhanced spectroscopies, gaining extreme optical sensitivity by the use of plasmonic nanostructures as nanoantennas for visible light [1]. The development of biofunctionalized plasmonic nanocarriers has enabled me to address significant biomedical questions, as biosensing [2], cancer diagnostics [3] and, more recently, metabolomics – exploring the molecular fingerprint of the organism’s response to biological stimuli (TAMERLANO project).

My research also involves the study of functional inorganic nanostructures and low-dimensional systems by
advanced optical methods [4,5], including real-time and time-resolved optical spectroscopy (SOSpESO project). I have employed pump-probe techniques in experiments aimed at studying the dynamics of photoexcited systems, both inhouse and at user-accessible facilities, like the free electron laser FERMI at Elettra, Trieste [6] and the SPRINT Lab at NFFA-Trieste (, with which I maintain a stable collaboration.

I enjoy science outreach very much and, since I was a student, I created and coordinated outreach and science dissemination projects, with both the academic institutions I have worked in, and associations like The Science Zone, Doc Educational, and other.

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Research Experience
(2021-now) Tenured researcher, Institute for Complex Systems CNR-ISC, Rome.
(2018-2021) Assistant Professor, fixed time appointment (RTD-a), Department of Physics and Geology,
University of Perugia.
(2017-2018) Postdoctoral researcher, Nanophononics Lab, Department of Physics, University of Basel.
(2016-2017) Research collaborator (NOXXS project), Department of Physics, University of Milan.
(2014-2017) Ph.D. Fellow, Department of Physics, Sapienza University, Rome.