Laura Fanfarillo


keywords: quantum matter, many body systems, strong correlations, superconductivity
I am a condensed matter theorist interested in the analysis of anomalous properties and novel states of matter emerging from the cooperation/competition of various degrees of freedom at different energy scales.

Fields of Research: Quantum many-body systems, Mott and Hund’s metal physics, unconventional superconductors, transport and fluctuating phenomena in complex systems, multorbital physics.

Methodology & Techniques:Analytical methods of quantum many-body physics and quantum-field theory, numerical approaches for strongly correlated electron systems


Research Experience:

2022-present: Research Scientist at ISC-CNR

2019-2022: Marie Curie Global Fellow at the Physics Department of University of Florida and SISSA/ISAS Trieste.

2015-2019: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Condensed matter group of the SISSA/ISAS, Trieste.

2012-2015: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Theory and Simulation of Materials of the ICMM – CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

Full publication list on Google Scholar.