Marco Baldovin

Temporary Researcher

keywords: statistical mechanics, stochastic processes, optimal control
I work at the Institute for Complex Systems of CNR in Rome, under the scientific coordination of Andrea Cavagna (ERC Advanced Grant RG.BIO).

After graduating at “Università Sapienza“, Rome, I got my Ph.D. in Physics in the same university under the supervision of Angelo Vulpiani. My Ph.D. project concerned the statistical mechanics of Hamiltonian systems in bounded phase space, which can reach states at negative absolute temperature. We investigated both equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium properties of such systems, trying to clarify the nature of such states from the point of view of statistical mechanics. My Ph.D. thesis has been published in the Springer Theses collection.

I did a postdoc at “Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modèles Statistiques” (LPTMS) in Orsay, France. I worked on problems in the field of stochastic processes, under the scientific coordination of Emmanuel Trizac and David Guéry-Odelin. My research mainly focused on control theory and optimization for stochastic systems.

Other research topics I am interested in include long-range interacting systems, causation and linear response theory, Langevin equation reconstruction from data.