Mauro Missori


keywords: optical and THz spectroscopy; inhomogeneous materials; cellulose degradation; cultural heritage
Research Interests
I am an experimental condensed matter physicist. I use ultraviolet-visible- infrared spectroscopy for the study of optical and structural properties of inhomogeneous systems, such as materials made of biological fibers, nanocomposites and materials of biomedical interest. More recently, I became interested in THz-time domain spectroscopy and its application to the study of biological condensed matter. Many of my experimental results are compared to ab-initio calculations, and I often work in a close collaboration with theoretician.
A large part of my efforts are presently devoted to the understanding of the oxidation processes of cellulose and their effect on the optical properties of ancient paper and textiles and I have been recently involved in the study of the state of degradation of the famous self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.

Recent Projects
– Progetto Premiale “TeraHErtz Imaging Advances (THEIA): Looking with Terahertz Eyes”, funded by the Italian Minister for Education University and Research (MIUR ), coordinator of the Work Package WP7“THz Spectroscopy for Non-Destructive Characterization of Cultural Heritage Artefacts” (2013-2015).