Thomas Kreuz

Primo Ricercatore

keywords: Computational Neuroscience; Data Analysis; Spike train synchrony; SPIKY
I am a computational neuroscientist with a physics background (Google Scholar profile). My main field of interest is the analysis of electrophysiological data such as EEG and neuronal spike trains. Many of my recent efforts have gone into the development of SPIKY, a graphical user interface to monitor spike train synchrony.

Since 2010 I am on a permanent position as “Primo ricercatore” (senior researcher, equivalent to an associate professor). I am a co-founder of the joint Israeli-Italian Laboratory for Neuroscience (established in 2010) and a member of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) ‘Neural Engineering Transformative Technologies (NETT)‘ (since 2012) and of the Marie Curie European Joint Doctorate (EJD) program ‘Complex Oscillatory Systems: Modeling and Analysis (COSMOS)‘ (since 2015).