Three researchers join the ranks

Congratulations to Andrea Liscio, Alessandro Taloni and Lucanos Marsilio Strambini who have won permanent positions at CNR-ISC.… Read the rest

Fiocco Rosa

Auguri a Andrea Gnoli.… Read the rest

The soft side of hard matter

Soft condensed matter is characterized by gigantic responses to  external perturbations which is the reason why these systems are extremely useful for applications, like liquid crystals in our cell phones displays. In contrast, hard condensed matter a.k.a. solids respond more weakly to external perturbations but present an enormous richness of interesting phases like metallic, insulating,  magnetic, superconducting, ferroelectric,  charge order, etc.  … Read the rest


Collective Response from Individual Behaviour in Groups and Ecosystems

Founding Body: ERANET
Total grant: € 70k
Principal Investigator: Andrea Cavagna
Other participants:
Project duration: 2017-2019
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Report on ISC @Sapienza

The scientific mission of the Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) of the Research National Council (CNR) is the study of the science of complexity, from fundamental issues to applications. Complex systems are composed by interacting elements which exhibit some emergent properties, ranging from simple particles to entire communities and networks and their study has profound implications in modern physics.
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La Fisica della Complessità@ISC-Sapienza
6 Dicembre 2016, ore 16:00
Sapienza Università,
Dipartimento di Fisica,
Aula Conversi
L’Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, la cui attività si svolge da vari anni in stretta collaborazione con i ricercatori del Dipartimento di Fisica, dedica un pomeriggio tematico alla presentazione delle sue attuali linee di ricerca. Le presentazioni avranno carattere generale, sono rivolte ai colleghi di tutti gli ambiti disciplinari e agli studenti interessati a svolgere tesi in collaborazione con il personale dell’Istituto.… Read the rest