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Anderson localization

We have numerically studied the Anderson localization (AL) in 3D disordered systems, where its experimental demonstration is particularly tricky because of the restrictive Ioffe-Regel criterion. We employ an ab initio approach by using a finite difference time domain (FDTD) code … Read the rest

Laser printing

By exploiting the mechanism of supercavitation we are able to realize laser-induced multi-scale structure on the surface of Graphene-Oxide (GO) based polymeric matrices. The objective of this activity is twofold. From a fundamental point of view, we want to investigate … Read the rest

Quantum solitons

The study of nonlinear propagation of light at a quantum level may offer a complete a scenario to understand the action of nonlinearity at a low photon number regime can unveil unknown and totally new optical effects.
The first phenomenon … Read the rest

Topological Laser

The cascade of resonant PT-symmetric topological structures is shown to emit laser light with a frequency comb spectrum. We consider optically active topological lattices supporting edge modes at regularly spaced frequencies. When the amplified resonances in the PT-broken regime match … Read the rest

Incontro APRE Sapienza

30 Novembre 2017
Registrazione gratuita

Sapienza ospita l’Evento nazionale di lancio dei Bandi 2018-2020 Sfida Sociale 6:
“L’Europa in un mondo che cambia: società inclusive, innovative e riflessive”.
Verranno presentati 3 Bandi da 426.9M€ sui temi della Migrazione, Trasformazioni socio-economiche … Read the rest

FET Proactive

Scadenza: 22 Marzo 2018
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Nell’ambito dei Work Programs 2018-2020, segnaliamo le call FET Proactive che quest’anno prevedono tematiche particolarmente interessanti per il nostro istituto:
a. Artificial organ, tissues and subcellulars structures.
b. Time.
c. Living technologies.
d. Socially Read the rest


Out-of-equilibrium nanophotinics

Funding Body: H2020 – Marie Curie Fellowship granted to Andrea Marini (2017-2019) 170K
Claudio Conti, Andrea Marini
Photonic sciences profoundly impact our society, enabling the development of high-technology devices that are currently employed in our daily life: … Read the rest

ERC Advanced

Scadenza: 31 agosto 2017
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Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are already established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements. Applicant Principal Investigators must demonstrate … Read the rest