Laser Printing

By exploiting the mechanism of supercavitation we are able to realize laser-induced multi-scale structure on the surface of graphene oxide (GO) based polymeric matrices. The objective of this activity is twofold. From a fundamental point of view, we want to investigate the role of a multi-scale topological structure on the mechanism ruling the growth of microorganisms ranging from bacteria and fungi to human stem cells. From a more applicative perspective, the aim is to provide novel GO-based matrices with tailored topological features suitable for biomedical application as anti-bacterial coatings or culture medium for stem cells.

V. Palmieri et al., M.Barba, L.Di Pietro, S.Gentilini, M.C. Braidotti, C.Ciancico, F.Bugli, G. Ciasca, R.Larciprete, W.Lattanzi, Reduction and shaping of graphene-oxide by laser-printing for controlled bone tissue regeneration and bacterial killing, 2D Materials (2017).