Seminar by W. Górecki, May 10 at 14:00 in Sala Lauree

Speaker  Dr. Wojciech Górecki, INFN Sez. Pavia

Title  Quantum metrology of noisy boson systems


We present a general recipe for deriving bounds on the precision metrology of noisy boson channels, treating both energy and total time as resources. We apply it to a series of examples with both Hamiltonian parameter estimation (frequency, displacement, squeezing) and noise parameter estimation (damping constants and temperature), explaining the relationship between different models in a common framework. We show that in most relevant cases bound on the quantum Fisher information (or signal-to-noise ratio) scales linearly with the product of total energy and total time, and is saturable using simple passive strategies. It means that for these examples the optimal quantum advantage is already obtainable without the need for entanglement with an ancillary system or any kind of adaptivity.