Soft Discussions – next webinar on December 13th

ISC reseracher Nicoletta Gnan co-organize the  interesting webinar series “Soft Discussions: Roads to the Isodays” covering various topics in soft matter.

Each webinar, of  the duration of approximately 1 hour,  cosists of  two parts:

Part1 – Ask me Anything!

Our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session is a unique opportunity to interact with an internationally renowned scientist in the field of soft matter. During the session, the expert  will answer a selection of questions from the audience, providing insights into his/her career, research work, and topics related to his/her experience as a soft matter scientist.

Part 2 – Seminar

The AMA session will serve as an introduction to the second part of the webinar, during which another distinguished speaker will present on a cutting-edge topic related to soft matter science.

Italian Soft Days (iSoDays) is a series of meetings aimed at gathering scientists interested in soft condensed matter science, a broad interdisciplinary community including physicists, chemists, biologists, materials scientists, mathematicians and engineers.