SIF Prize “Sergio Panizza e Gabriele Galimberti” to D. Pierangeli

The prize Sergio Panizza e Gabriele Galimberti from the Italian Physical Society (SIF) was awarded to  Dr.Davide Pierangeli, researcher in our Institute, “for his groudbreaking experimental work in the field of  non-linear photonics. Among D. Pierangeli’s works, of particular relevance is the first observation of the breaking of replica symmetry in disordered photorefractive media.”

The original work D. Pierangeli, A. Tavani, F. Di Mei, A.J. Agranat, C. Conti and E. DelRe, Observation of replica symmetry breaking in disordered nonlinear wave propagation, Nature Communication 8, 1501 (2017) is part of the  Nobel Collection “Nobel Prize in Physics 2021” edited by Nature and it is currently available Open Access.

A simplified discussion  of the relevance of the experiments can be found here.

Experimental setup. Left panel: Scheme for optical wave propagation in a photorefractive slab waveguide embedded in a KLTN cystal. Right panel: Examples of the detected intensity in linear conditions for distinct realizations of the experiment showing different realizations of the disorder in the slab along x. Scale bars are 50 μm