Two postdocs in complex materials applied to quantum technologies

The Rome-Sapienza Unit of the Institute for Complex Systems (ISC-CNR) is looking for two outstanding postdocs one experimental and one theoretical. Both postdocs will join an interdisciplinary team of nanoscience scientists, material science specialists, and theoreticians with the aim to study and characterize complex materials for quantum technologies. The team will study unconventional and strongly disorder superconductors to exploit the extreme sensitivity and non-linearity of these materials for quantum technological applications like kinetic inductance detectors. The experimental postdoc will characterize the superconducting insulator transition on some selected materials and their response to external perturbations like Thz radiation. He/She will assist in the fabrication of devices and perform their low-temperature characterization. The theoretical postdoc will do material modeling using techniques such as density functional theory, quantum field theories, Lanczos exact diagonalization, and Monte Carlo simulations. He/She will also assist in the design of the devices and interpretation of the experimental results. The positions are for two years. ISC-CNR operates in the Department of Physics of Sapienza University, ranked among top Physics Departments in the world. Applications should be sent to They should contain a CV and the contacts of senior scientists who can provide recommendation letters (only upon our request). Earlier applications will be given higher priority. Interested candidates are encouraged to send the application immediately.