HyperSpectral Imaging

The hyperspectral confocal reflection (HCR) microscope is an instrument that integrates of optical imaging and spectroscopic methodologies. It is designed for the reflectance spectral image as well as for the morphometric imaging of optical sections of vital tissue samples (in vivo, ex vivo, in vitro) [1,2,3]. Spectral data and images are acquired simultaneously, in an continuum range of wavelengths, from VIS to NIR, with a supercontinuum laser. The HCR microscope works in scanning mode and for each point of the image provides its spectral response, by acquiring an image for each incident wavelength. Compared to a traditional confocal fluorescence microscope, the HCR microscope allows to identify spectral regions that are conclusive for the discrimination of cells in a given system without the use of markers, as demonstrated in recent studies [3,4]. This methodological and instrumental approach is useful for the non-invasive real time observation of evolving complex biological systems like co-cultures, for the study of interactions among different cell populations. This label-free method finds one of the most suitable application in clinical and research areas, as well as in the diagnosis and in the therapeutic field.

Stefano Selci, Luisa Ferrari, Francesco Cilloco, Francesca R. Bertani, Marco D’Alessandro

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