Piattaforma Apprendimento: Laboratorio Machine learning per le Antichità

Founding Body: Sm@rtINFRA – Sshch – Infrastrutture Integrate Intelligenti per l’ecosistema dei dati delle Scienze Sociali, Umane e del Patrimonio Culturale
Total grant: € k
Principal Investigator: Francis Allen Farrelly
Other participants:
Project duration: 2016

Aerial photography is a powerful tool for the assessment of archaeological sites together with recent developments in the field of Machine Learning sophisticated processing can be achieved. Semantic segmentation has shown considerable effectiveness in assessments of the conservation status of archaeological sites and appears to be suitable also for further developments in this field.
This proposal focuses on the creation of a geo-referenced diagnostic photo archaeology platform able to analyze aerial photo surveys at various resolutions by attributing classification elements for the census of the status of identified sites and potential sites to be identified.