Main funded projects


Integrated Multimodal Optical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Funding Body: Attract – H2020
Principal Investigator: Silvia Capuani
The project is coordinated by CNR Institute for Complex Systems (ISC) with Physics Department of Sapienza University as partner

The Idea is to develop … Read the rest


Produzione e Immagazzinamento di Idrogeno in Sistemi Nanostrutturati Grafene/Nichel

Totale Sovvenzione: 135.264,00 Euro
Progetto di Ricerca, finanziato ai sensi della L.R. 13/08
Funding Body: Lazioinnova – Regione Lazio
Coordinatore: Rosanna Larciprete
Altri membri del gruppo di ricerca: Roberto Felici (CNR-SPIN), … Read the rest


Superconduttori per Imaging Medicale e Aerospaziale ad Alte Prestazioni

Totale sovvenzione: € 149.999,80

Progetto di Ricerca, finanziato ai sensi della L.R. 13/08
Funding Body: Lazioinnova – Regione Lazio
Coordinatore: Jose’ Lorenzana
Altri membri del gruppo di Ricerca CNR ISC: Lara Read the rest


Microgel e arte: una nuova tecnologia per la conservazione dei beni cartacei

Totale sovvenzione: € 149.989,33
Progetto di Ricerca, finanziato ai sensi della L.R. 13/08
Funding Body: Lazioinnova – Regione Lazio
Coordinatore: Emanuela Zaccarelli
Altri membri del gruppo di Ricerca … Read the rest


Chip microfluidici a membrane asimmetriche per il sorting della motilità spermatica

Totale sovvenzione: € 148.027,90
Progetto di Ricerca, finanziato ai sensi della L.R. 13/08
Funding Body: Lazioinnova – Regione Lazio
Coordinatore: Andrea Puglisi
Altri membri del gruppo di Ricerca CNR … Read the rest


Monitoraggio di detriti spaziali basato su stereo-rilevazioni intercontinentali

Totale sovvenzione: € 149.940,83
Progetto di Ricerca, finanziato ai sensi della L.R. 13/08
Funding Body: Lazioinnova – Regione Lazio
Coordinatore: Andrea Cavagna
Altri membri del gruppo di Ricerca CNR ISC: Massimo CenciniRead the rest


Enhancing microgels potentialities: ultrasoftness and cultural heritage applications

Funding Body: MIUR (2018-2021)
Emanuela Zaccarelli
The SOFTART project aims to explore the growing potentialities of microgels by focusing on two different aspects that are relevant for both fundamental and applied science. … Read the rest


Out-of-equilibrium nanophotinics

Funding Body: H2020 – Marie Curie Fellowship granted to Andrea Marini (2017-2019) 170K
Claudio Conti, Andrea Marini
Photonic sciences profoundly impact our society, enabling the development of high-technology devices that are currently employed in our daily life: … Read the rest


Accordo di collaborazione

Funding Body: Centro di Ricerca di Sapienza HYDRO-ECO Idrogeno e Energie Alternative (2016-2018) EURO: 42700
Annalisa Paolone, Oriele PalumboRead the rest

Super Top

Topological Phases of Matter in 2D Superconducting materials

Funding Body: Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale (2017-2019)
Lara Benfatto

Recent advances in 2D materials paved the way to the realization of a robust and tunable superconducting (SC) phase, … Read the rest


Antitubercular drug-loaded multi-liposomes vectors as innovative combinatorial therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis

Funding Body: Phospholipid Research Center, Heidelberg
Simona Sennato
In this project we will develop a new liposome-based multi-drug delivery system loading simultaneously two anti Mycobacterium tuberculosis-drugs, formed by … Read the rest


Collective Response from Individual Behaviour in Groups and Ecosystems

Funding Body: ERANET
(2017-2019) EUR 70K
Andrea Cavagna
Ecosystems are under pressure by global environmental changes and in no other case as in tropical rainforests the stakes are high. In this … Read the rest


Piattaforma Apprendimento: Laboratorio Machine learning per le Antichità

ISC Coordinator: Francis Farrelly

Sm@rtINFRA – Sshch – Infrastrutture Integrate Intelligenti per l’ecosistema dei dati delle Scienze Sociali, Umane e del Patrimonio Culturale

Starting Date: 2016

Aerial photography is a powerful tool … Read the rest


Generalized Uncertainty Principle and the Photons

Funding Body: Templeton Foundation
(2016-2018) EUR 188K
Claudio Conti
Modern theories on quantum gravity claim that modifications of the uncertainty principle are expected at the Planck scale. These modifications cannot be studied at energies … Read the rest


Modeling microgels: from microscopic design to macroscopic description

Funding Body: European Research Council – ERC Consolidator Grant
(2016-2021) EUR 1.3 M
Emanuela Zaccarelli
Soft matter provides the ideal playground for exploring physical phenomena that have no counterpart in atomic and … Read the rest


Probing Complex Dynamical Structures in Three Dimensions

Funding Body: European Research Council – ERC Proof of Concept
(2016-2018, EUR 150K)
Irene Giardina
Despite the recent expansion and enormous potential of 3D microscopy and 3D scanning, these technologies currently suffer from … Read the rest


Unfolding the dynamics of creativity, novelties and innovation

Funding Body: Funded by the John Templeton Foundation under contract n. 51663
Vito Domenico Pietro Servedio
Partners: The main partner is Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with the Institute for Read the rest


Growth And Innovation Policy-modelling: Applying Next Generation Tools, Data, And Economic Complexity Ideas

Funding Body: European Commission FP7-ICT-2013-10 (Challenge 5.4 for Governance and Policy Modelling)
(2013-2016, EUR 2M) cordis
ISC Coordinator: Luciano Pietronero / Andrea Gabrielli
Web Site:

Partners: … Read the rest


ISC Coordinator: Luciano Pietronero

National Coordinator: Luciano Pietronero

European Coordinator:

International Coordinator:

Funding Body: Italian Government (Progetti di Interesse CNR)

Partners: IMT – Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca (Italy)

Starting Date: 2012

Ending Date: 2015

Web site:

Description: Crisis

Read the rest


Versatile optomechANical GRaphene Device for bio-tissue engineering

Funding Body: European Research Council – ERC-POC – Proof of Concept Grant
(2015-2016, EUR 150k) cordis
Claudio Conti
Tissue and organ failure, caused by injury or other type of damage, accounts for a … Read the rest


New “smart” gels in soft matter

Funding Body: MIUR PRIN Progetti di ricerca di interesse nazionale
(2014-2017) EUR 83 k
Emanuela Zaccarelli
Il comportamento inusuale della materia soffice ha spesso sorpreso gli scienziati. Grazie alla loro deformabilità e alla possibilità … Read the rest


Anisotropies and non equilibrium in soft matter: routes to the self assembly of advanced material

Funding Body: MIUR FIRB (2013-2017) EUR 670k (ISC 240k)
Emanuela Zaccarelli
This research project is a joint experimental, theoretical and computational effort in the field … Read the rest


Strain, Lattice, Interactions and Entanglement in novel Two-Dimensional materials

Funding Body: MC-CIG – Support for training and career development of researcher (CIG)
(2013-2016) cordis
Emmanuele Cappelluti
The isolation of graphene in 2004 has triggered the most promising expectations in the … Read the rest


Foundational Research on MULTIlevel comPLEX networks and systems

Funding Body: FP7-ICT-2011-8 CP – Collaborative project
(2012-2016) cordis
Guido Caldarelli
Multiplex is a project gathering together the prominent research institution at the intersection within Network Science, Complex Systems. Algorithms, Statistcal Physics … Read the rest


Funding Body: European Science Foundation (2012-2014)

ISC Coordinator: Claudio Castellano

National Coordinator: Claudio Castellano

European Coordinator: Guenther Knoblich

• Professor Guenther Knoblich, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
• Professor Luc Steels, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
• Dr. Andreas Roepstorff, … Read the rest


Neural Engineering Transformative Technologies

Funding Body: European Community – Marie Curie ITN Project N. 289146
(2012-2016) cordis
Alessandro Torcini
Neural Engineering is an inherently new discipline that brings together engineering, physics, neuroscience and mathematics to design and develop brain-computer interface … Read the rest


New density functionals for the electronic structure of correlated materials.

Funding Body: Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
José Lorenzana
Correlated systems are poorly described by the local density approximation. The main aim of this project is to develop new … Read the rest


Forecasting Financial Crises.

Funding Body: European Union (FET Open) (2010-2013)
Guido Caldarelli

Partners: University of Ancona, ETH Zurich, University of Oxford, City University, Barcelona Media Lab, ECB

FOC is a Scientific Project Financed by FET OPEN Scheme in the field … Read the rest


Hydrides as innovative anodes for lithium batteries

Funding Body: MIUR FIRB (2010) EURO: 19000 (2017)
Sergio Brutti & Annalisa PaoloneRead the rest


Joint Italy-Israel Neural Lab

Funding Body: Ministero degli Affari Esteri (MAE)
(2010-2015) web site
Alessandro Torcini
This joint Italy-Israel collaborative effort is aimed to develop novel strategies for brain repair by integrating recent advances in Complex Network Theory, Nonlinear Data … Read the rest


Three-dimensional reconstruction of individual trajectories within bird flocks and insect swarms

Funding Body: AirForce Office for Scientific Research – USA
(2010-2014 USD 400K)
Andrea Cavagna
The objective of this research is to uncover the fundamental principles and algorithms that govern … Read the rest


From self-organized animal groups to distributed artificial swarms: exporting natural behavioural rules to mobile robotics

Funding Body: Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Seed Project 2009
(2010-2013, EUR 650K)
Irene Giardina
The study of self-organization and collective behaviour encompasses fields … Read the rest


Empirical analysis and theoretical modelling of self-organized collective behaviour in three-dimensions: from insect swarms and bird flocks to new schemes of distributed coordination

Funding Body: European Research Council – ERC Starting Grant 2010
(2010-2015, EUR 1.1M)
Irene Giardina
Collective phenomena … Read the rest


Granular fluids to explore non-equilibrium statistical mechanics.

Funding Body: MIUR, Italy (reserved to selected ERC-Starting Grants 2007)
(2009-2014) EURO: 1.2 M
Andrea Puglisi
GranularChaos is a theoretical and experimental project focused on understanding the connection between microscopic and mesoscopic … Read the rest


Light and Complexity

Funding Body: ERC Starting Grant (StG), PE2, ERC-2007-StG
(2008-2013) EUR 1085K
Claudio Conti
The project is aimed at funding a multi-disciplinary laboratory on nonlinear optics and photonics in soft-colloidal materials and on “complex lightwave systems”. A team … Read the rest