Simona Olmi


keywords: Neural Networks; Neural Mass Models; Phase Oscillators; Power Grids; Chimera States; Out of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Dr. Simona Olmi is an independent researcher at the Institute of Complex System – CNR in Sesto
Fiorentino (Florence). She was previously Starting Research Position at Inria Sophia Antipolis
Méditerranée Research Center and she has done international research at Aix-Marseille Université,
Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes (Marseille, France), at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied
Analysis and Stochastics (Berlin, Germany), and at the Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Technische
Universitaet Berlin.
Trained in Theoretical Physics, she carries out an interdisciplinary research, involving a combination
of multi-scale brain circuits modeling and brain atlas data (including connectomes). Her project
consists in developing multiscale models, that allow for an exact (analytical) moving upwards through
the scales: while keeping the influence of smaller scales on larger ones they level out their inherent
complexity. Her scientific expertise includes nonlinear dynamics, computational neuroscience, power
grids, stability analysis of collective solutions, epileptic seizure prediction.
She has been a principal investigator of the french-german collaboration project PROCOPE 2019 –
Partenariat Hubert Curien (2019-2020) and of the PhD program “Next Generation Neural Mass
Models”  founded by SAM Inria Sophia Antipolis Research Centre (2018-2021), a member of the
Advanced Study Group, founded by the Max-Planck Gesellschaft at the Max-Planck-Institut für
Physik Komplexer Systemen (MPIPKS) in Dresden and of the project CRISIS-LAB  “Sviluppo di un
laboratorio e di un sistema di piattaforma integrate di raccolta e di analisi dei dati sulla prevenzione e
gestione della crisi nei sistemi complessi economico-sociali” (PNR 2011-2013). In 2015 she was
awarded a CNR Short Term Mobility Fellowship.
She has supervised 1 PhD student in France, 3 Master Students in Germany, 2 Bachelor Students (one
in Italy, one in Germany). She is currently supervising 2 master students in Italy. She has organized 6
international conferences and she has been invited as keynote speakers 28 times in international
conferences. She is regularly invited as speaker in labs worldwide (over 15 oral presentations).

She has published 28 journal articles in top international peer reviewed journal with a total of more than 660 citations. Her h-index is 12 (Google Scholar).


Computational Neuroscience

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  4. Stefano Luccioli, Simona Olmi, Antonio Politi, Alessandro Torcini (2012). Collective dynamics in sparse networks. Physical review letters, 109(13), 138103.

Power Grids

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  2. Liudmila Tumash, Simona Olmi, and Eckehard Schöll (2018). Effect of disorder and noise in shaping the dynamics of power grids. EPL (Europhysics Letters) 123(2), 20001.
  3. Volker Mehrmann, Riccardo Morandin, Simona Olmi, and Eckehard Schöll (2018). Qualitative stability and synchronicity analysis of power network models in port-Hamiltonian form. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 28(10), 101102.

Phase Oscillators-Network Dynamics

  1. Marzena Ciszak, Francesco Marino, Alessandro Torcini, Simona Olmi (2020). Emergent excitability in populations of nonexcitable units. Physical Review E, 102(5), 050201.
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