Simona Sennato

Primo Ricercatore

keywords: soft colloids, biomimetic membrane systems, colloidal aggregation, nanocarriers for drug delivery
Simona Sennato got her Ph.D. in Physics in 2006 at Sapienza University of Rome. She became td researcher at Physics Department in 2014 and in 2016 she moved to CNR-ISC. She developed expertise in Soft Matter and Biological Physics and in the investigation of dynamic, structural and morphological properties of soft systems by scattering and microscopic techniques.

Her research activity is focused to the investigation of physico-chemical mechanisms driving the self-assembly of complex molecules and supramolecular structures in dispersions, with special attention to charged soft colloids as polymeric microgels and hydrogels and nanostructured systems of biological interest, as biomimetic model membrane systems (liposomes and lipid monolayers) and their interaction with charged macromolecules as polyelectrolytes, DNA and polypeptides.  Current main research interests include the exploitation of colloidal aggregation mediated by electrostatic interactions for the development of drug delivery systems for infectious diseases  and polymeric-metallic hybrids for plasmonic applications.


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