Corso di Dottorato sui Modelli Neuronali

Stefano Luccioli  (Istituto Sistemi Complessi-CNR)
Corso di Dottorato sui  Modelli Neuronali
presso sede CNR – Sesto Fiorentino

Inizio: 1 Marzo 2016
Dottorato in Fisica ed Astronomia —  XXXI ciclo
Stefano Luccioli  (Istituto Sistemi Complessi-CNR)
Modelli neuronali (12 ore)

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Anomalous Heat Transport in Low Dimensions

Many phenomena in nature occur under nonequilibrium stationary conditions. For instance, an electric current is obtained by applying an electric field along a conductor or heat is transported when a temperature gradient is established between two boundaries of a material.

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Asymmetric Wave Transport in Nonlinear System

Deterministic chaos, fractal structures and other beautiful phenomena are manifestations of the nonlinear character of forces which govern our world. Besides a revolutionary change in our approach to predictability, these discoveries had great impact on technological applications.  Among the most 

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