Nature Communications: Raman spectroscopy and neutron diffraction reveal ice XVII

New porous water ice metastable at atmospheric pressure obtained by emptying a hydrogen-filled ice
Leonardo Del Rosso, Milva Celli & Lorenzo Ulivi
The properties of some forms of water ice reserve still intriguing surprises. Besides the several stable or metastable phases of pure ice, solid mixtures of water with gases are precursors of other ices, as in some cases they may be emptied, leaving a metastable hydrogen-bound water structure.… Read the rest

Maria Stella Maggio joins ISC within her “Torno Subito” research project

Stella has a master degree in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Diagnostics. She will work together with Mauro Missori for 5 months as part of her “Torno Subito” research project funded by Regione Lazio and titled “Use of THz technology for diagnostics of cultural heritage on paper“.… Read the rest