Topological Laser

The cascade of resonant PT-symmetric topological structures is shown to emit laser light with a frequency comb spectrum. We consider optically active topological lattices supporting edge modes at regularly spaced frequencies. When the amplified resonances in the PT-broken regime match … Read the rest

Riordino siti ISC

Dopo una fase di transizione sono stati chiusi i siti


che ora sono reindirizzati al sito principale isc.… Read the rest

NAR: Energetic funnel facilitates facilitated diffusion

Massimo Cencini has published Energetic funnel facilitates facilitated diffusion in Nucleic Acid Research.

FIG. 1: Average free binding energy landscape around the bibnding sites of TFs in E. coli. The comparison with the null model obtained by placing the target

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Antonio Scala interviewed

Antonio Scala TG2

Antonio ScalaRead the rest