Complex Networks and Water Distribution Systems

April 19th 2018

Università della Campania “Vanvitelli”
Via Roma, 29 Aversa (CE)

“I giovedì del dottorato”, periodic meetings of the PhD School in Environment, Design and Innovation of Università della Campania “Vanvitelli”


Symposium EP07: Tailored Disorder─Novel Materials for Advanced Optics and Photonics

Hynes Convention Center (Boston, USA)
November 25-30, 2018
The MRS Fall Meeting 2018 symposium aims to create collaboration and a creative discussion among the many groups involved in the search, development and use of disorder covering all areas and disciplines from biology, physics and materials science and engineering.
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Emanuela Zaccarelli awarded a MIUR FARE grant

Emanuela Zaccarelli awarded a MIUR FARE grant with the project SOFTART: Enhancing microgels potentialities: ultrasoftness and cultural heritage applications.

The project builds on the ERC Consolidator project MIMIC and combines theoretical/numerical expertise of the MIMIC team led by Emanuela Zaccarelli with experimental work at CNR ISC carried out by the groups of Barbara Ruzicka, Roberta Angelini, Simona Sennato and Mauro Missori.… Read the rest


Enhancing microgels potentialities: ultrasoftness and cultural heritage applications

Founding Body: MIUR
Total grant: € 145k
Principal Investigator: Emanuela Zaccarelli
Other participants:
Project duration: 2018-2021
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  • [DOI] The bkt universality class in the presence of correlated disorder“, Condensed matter, vol. 3, iss. 1, p. 8, 2018.
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Valentina Palmieri awarded PREMIO FUTURO prize

Research on graphene for anti-bacterial applications wins the prize “PREMIO FUTURO” awarded to Valentina Palmieri, leading the ISC-Cattolica collaboration.
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Mechanics of Earthquake Faulting

International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”
July 2-7, 2018


Andrea Bizzarri – INGV, Sezione di Bologna (Italy)
Shamita Das – University of Oxford (UK)
Alberto Petri – CNR-ISC, Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)


Anna Maria Loguercio – CNR-ISC, Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)


Physics of shallow, intermediate and deep earthquakes
Fundamental of rock mechanics
Laboratory experiments
Inferences from real data
Applications to earthquake engineering

This is not merely a school in a strict sense, but is indeed a high–level event for post–doctoral students and scientists.… Read the rest