Seminar by S. De Palo, April 4th at 15.00

 Title: Quasi-one dimensional dipolar bosonic systems: from gas to droplet formation

 Speaker: Stefania De Palo, Researcher, IOM-CNR

 Date & Room: April 4th, h. 15.00 -Sala lauree


We study a tightly trapped one-dimensional dipolar gas of bosonic atoms for which we derive the equation of state using  a variational approximation based on the Lieb-Liniger gas Bethe ansatz wave function. We test our results by computing the breathing mode after solving the stationary generalized Gross-Pitaevskii equation, finding very good agreement with experiments.Read the rest

Seminar by M. Brunelli, April 8 at 15:00

Speaker  Dr. Matteo Brunelli, research fellow at University of Basel

Title  Non-Hermitian topological amplification


Non-Hermitian (NH) Hamiltonians enable novel topological phases of matter, characterized by unique kinds of degeneracies and extreme sensitivity to changes of boundary conditions—the so-called NH skin effect. Many aspects of NH topological phases are not yet fully understood. As an example, the NH skin effect blurs the separation between edge and bulk states, which determines the breakdown of the bulk-boundary correspondence.… Read the rest

Job Placement Student Meeting CNR @ Dep. Physics Sapienza

ISC researcher Barbara Ruzicka presents ISC activities in a meeting with students at the Department of Physics of Sapienza, 14  March 2024.

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