Seminar by S. Felicetti Friday October 22 at 4 pm in Conversi

We are pleased to announce a seminar by  Dr. Simone Felicetti  from the Institute for Photonics and Nanostructures of CNR, to be held on October Friday 22nd in Aula Conversi at 4 pm.

Title: “Critical parametric quantum sensing”

Quantum critical systems in proximity of phase transitions exhibit a divergent susceptibility, suggesting that an arbitrarily-high precision may be achieved when they are used as probes to estimate a physical parameter. However, such an improvement in sensitivity is counterbalanced by the critical slowing down, which implies an inevitable growth of the protocol duration time [1]. Here, we present sensing protocols based on phase transitions observable in a broad class of quantum optical systems. We show that, in spite of the critical slowing down, critical quantum optical probes can achieve quantum advantage in sensing applications [2]. By going beyond the asymptotic regime of parameters [3], we show that Heisenberg-limited precision can be achieved with current quantum technologies. Finally, we propose specific applications for quantum magnetometry and for superconducting-qubit readout.

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Sketch of the steady state Wigner function as the system goes from the normal to the symmetry breaking phase.

Sketch of the superconducting qubit read-out scheme implemented in [4].




Talk’s slides can be downloaded here