Generalized Uncertainty Principle and the Photons

Funding Body: Templeton Foundation
(2016-2018) EUR 188K
Claudio Conti
Modern theories on quantum gravity claim that modifications of the uncertainty principle are expected at the Planck scale. These modifications cannot be studied at energies … Read the rest


Versatile optomechANical GRaphene Device for bio-tissue engineering

Funding Body: European Research Council – ERC-POC – Proof of Concept Grant
(2015-2016, EUR 150k) cordis
Claudio Conti
Tissue and organ failure, caused by injury or other type of damage, accounts for a … Read the rest

Random Lasers

In a nutshell, a random laser is the coherent emission from active stochastic resonators.

In a series of articles around 1966, a Russian scientist V. S. Letokhov, of the Lebedev Physics Institute in Dubna considered the generation of light in … Read the rest


Light and Complexity

Funding Body: ERC Starting Grant (StG), PE2, ERC-2007-StG
(2008-2013) EUR 1085K
Claudio Conti
The project is aimed at funding a multi-disciplinary laboratory on nonlinear optics and photonics in soft-colloidal materials and on “complex lightwave systems”. A team … Read the rest