Job Placement Student Meeting ISC-CNR @ Dep. Physics Sapienza

Talk by Claudio Conti on Job Placement in ISC-CNR, meeting with students of the Department of Physics of Sapienza, 25 May 2021 (Italian only)

Prof. C. Conti (CNR)slides
Prof. C. Conti (CNR): registrazione Zoom

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Nature Reviews: The physics of financial networks

ISC associates Guido Caldarelli  and Gulio Cimini coauthored an interesting review on modelling the financial systems and networks now published in Nature Reviews, M. Bardoscia, P. Barucca, S. Battiston, F. Caccioli, G. Cimini, D. Galaschelli, F. Saracco, T. Squartini, and G. Caldarelli. Nat. Rev. Phys. June (2021).

As the total value of the global financial market outgrew the value of the real economy, financial institutions created a global web of interactions that embodies systemic risks.… Read the rest