News and Views on “Thermally reconfigurable random lasers”

Light can control microparticles and microstructures can shape light, leading to a wide range of practical applications as well as interesting physics.

By combining optically controlled micro-heaters with thermophilic particles attracted by them researchers form University College London obtained microlasers with programmable and reversible patterns. This achievement is a nice demonstration of what happens when colloidal science meets photonics and is now published in Nature Physics and highlighted by Neda Ghofraniha in News and Views .… Read the rest


Microgel technology for preservation of cultural heritage

Founding Body: European Research Council
Total grant: € 150K
Principal Investigator: Emanuela Zaccarelli
Other participants: Simona Sennato,  Claudia Mazzuca (Univ. Tor Vergata)
Project duration: 2022-2024
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Chaos, Solitons and Fractals ranked 1 out of 108 in Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications by Clarivate.

The 2021 Impact Factor of Elsevier’s Chaos, Solitons and Fractals: the interdisciplinary journal of Nonlinear Science, and Nonequilibrium and Complex Phenomena  is 9.922, ranking it 1 out of 108 in Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications.

ISC researchers strongly contributed to the success of Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, as Editors as well as Authors through publications of high scientific value.  Congratulations to ISC researchers Stefano Lepri and Stefano Boccaletti who have been respectively Editor and Chief Editor of this journal for many years.

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