Tensorial Flow of Mosaic Vector Beams in Physical Review Letters

ISC researcher Davide Pierangeli coauthored an insghtful experimental work now published in Physical Review Letters, Measuring the Tensorial Flow of Mosaic Vector Beams in Disordered Media, D. Pierangeli, A. Aiello, and C. Conti, Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 243801 (2024).


Optical beams with nonuniform polarization offer enhanced capabilities for information transmission, boasting increased capacity, security, and resilience. These beams possess vectorial features that are spatially organized within localized three-dimensional regions, forming tensors that can be harnessed across a spectrum of applications spanning quantum physics, imaging, and machine learning.

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Time as an illusion created by entanglement in Physical Review A featured in WIRED

ISC researchers Alessandro Coppo and Paola Verrucchi, in collaboration with Prof. A. Cuccoli from the University of Florence, have published an intriguing study in Physical Review A. The work has garnered attention from prominent publications such as New Scientist and Wired.

They consider  a simple and physically relevant example  where the time evolution of a system can  be determined by the entanglement with its clock.… Read the rest