Three-dimensional reconstruction of individual trajectories within bird flocks and insect swarms

Founding Body: AirForce Office for Scientific Research – USA
Total grant: $ 400k
Principal Investigator: Andrea Cavagna
Other participants:
Project duration: 2010-2014

The objective of this research is to uncover the fundamental principles and algorithms that govern collective phenomena in 3D exhibited across many species in nature, with a view towards exploiting the resulting understanding, as codified in models and algorithms, for the purpose of design, implementation and verification of robust, distributed, cooperative, survivable control systems for swarms of autonomous robots. It is anticipated that understanding of collective behaviour in 3D across species in nature will lead to methods for design, implementation and survivable operation of distributed systems such as teams of unmanned aerial vehicles in complex spatial domains subject to uncertainty and threats. The proposes research is expected to shape novel approaches to exploit biological inspiration, related multi-scale mathematical analysis and collective robotics.