Physical realization of the Glauber quantum oscillator

More than 30 years ago, Glauber theorized the existence of quantum systems to explain the link between the reversible microscopic and irreversible macroscopic scale. The formulation of such model is based on the so-called “rigged Hilbert space” and include irreversibility as a fundamental principle through the introduction of an inverted harmonic oscillator describing quantum amplifier.
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Self-Sustained Density Oscillations of Swimming Bacteria Confined in Microchambers

Luca Angelani’s paper on Self-Sustained Density Oscillations of Swimming Bacteria Confined in Microchambers reporting the emergence of spontaneous density oscillations of bacteria confined in microchambers connected by thin channels, has been selected for the Cover of Physical Review Letters.

M. Paoluzzi, R. Di Leonardo, and L. Angelani (Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 188303, 2015)

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Advisory Council Election Results

The members for the Institutes new Advisory Council have been elected.  The members are:

  • Roberta Angelini
  • Fabio Cecconi
  • Francesca Colaiori
  • Francesco Grazzi
  • Rosanna Larciprete
  • Stefano Lepri
  • Bruno Tiribilli
  • Giuseppe Faraglia
  • Luca Pitolli

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Special mention from Italian Physical Society to Maria Chiara Braidotti

Maria Chiara Braidotti received a special mention for her presentation
Nonlinear Gamow vectors in nonlocal optical propagation
delivered in the Physics of Matter session of the 2015 edition the Italian Physical Society’s (Società Italiana di Fisica) National Congress.… Read the rest

2nd International Workshop on Brillouin Scattering

University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Physics Department Feb. 3rd – 5th 2016
The general subjects to be discussed during the three days are:

  • THz excitations in disordered condensed matter and in biological and magnetic systems
  • Neutron and photon inelastic scattering at low Q
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Instrumentation
  • Perspectives in Brillouin scattering

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