Laser Printing

By exploiting the mechanism of supercavitation we are able to realize laser-induced multi-scale structure on the surface of graphene oxide (GO) based polymeric matrices. The objective of this activity is twofold. From a fundamental point of view, we want to investigate the role of a multi-scale topological structure on the mechanism ruling the growth of microorganisms ranging from bacteria and fungi to human stem cells.… Read the rest

Seminar by Paola Verrucchi, Monday April 19 at 3 pm

There is only one time

We draw a picture of physical systems that allows us to recognize what “time” is by requiring consistency with the way that time enters the fundamental laws of Physics. Elements of the picture are two non-interacting and yet entangled quantum systems, one of which acting as a clock. In this setting, employing the Page and Wootters mechanism with tools from large-N quantum approaches, we show that there is not a “quantum time”, possibly opposed to a “classical” one; there is only one time, and it is a manifestation of entanglement.… Read the rest

Augmented Art – Lab NMR

Il lab NMR si trova nella rete R6 del distretto tecnologico dei beni culturali DTC della Regione Lazio.

Il video mostra i risultati del progetto finanziato dalla Regione Lazio che ha coinvolto:

  • Lab NMR del CNR ISC e Sapienza
  • Multimodal 3D
  • Museo delle Civiltà di Roma

Sono state realizzate immagini NMR di reperti lignei esposti presso l’esposizione del Neolitico presso il Museo delle Civiltà di Roma.… Read the rest