The D3 4 HEALTH initiative will focus on five reference diseases: metastatic colon cancer, liver and bile duct cancer, central nervous system cancer, type I diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. The project will bring together public and private sector partners to deliver high-tech solutions that will have a significant impact on healthcare systems.

The ultimate goal of the project is to transform and improve current methods for diagnosis, monitoring, and treating reference diseases through the use of precision medicine and digital and biological twins for the benefit of patients. Non-invasive technologies and solutions will be deployed based on the analysis of digital healthcare data and new biomarkers on chip

Researchers & Research Groups

ISC partecipates to the actvity of Spoke 3 (Wearable technologies, sensors and biomarkers for care through digital twin approaches) and Spoke 4 (Biological and bioengineered in vitro models for care through digital twin approaches)