Rome Technopole is a multi-tech hub for training, research and technology transfer in the fields of energy transition and sustainability, digital transformation, bio-pharmaceutical and health.

7 Universities, 4 Research Institutions, the Lazio Region, the City of Rome and other Public Institutions, 20 Industrial Groups and Companies constitute  a regional Innovation Ecosystem that will feed the research, training and innovation in the context of high priority topics for Lazio.

Researchers & Research Groups

ISC is involved in Spoke 3 (University education, industrial PhD courses, internationalisation) and Spoke 5 (Out-reach, public engagement, lifelong learning) within flagship projects FP4 (Development, innovation and certification of medical and non-medical devices for health) and FP6 (Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and digital twin for advanced engineering and aerospace).

Neda Ghofraniha contributes in Spoke 3 and FP6 and the thematic is: Machine and deep learning for spectral analysis.

The research group includes ISC researcher Silvia Gentilini, one post-doc researcher to be hired for 2 years and few students.