Nonlinear optics concerns all those phenomena depending on the intensity of light ranging from lasing process to extreme waves excitation like shock waves, solitons, and rogue waves. In our group, we are interested in studying the emergence of such phenomena in systems where the subtle interplay between structural complexity and nonlinearity has led to the observation of effects, whose analysis and comprehension has required the employment of dedicated theoretical techniques. In turn, the development of novel theoretical approaches has provided a deeper insight of known phenomena and has opened the road for very novel research fields.

Dispersive shock waves



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Quantum solitons

The study of nonlinear propagation of light at a quantum level may offer a complete a scenario to understand the action of nonlinearity at a low photon number regime can unveil unknown and totally new optical effects.
The first phenomenon we decided to investigate is the propagation of quantum optical solitons. In fact, though classical solitons (CSs) are very well studied,  QSs have a much richer dynamics that may provide many new solutions for quantum computing and cryptography.… Read the rest