Next generation neural mass models: bridging the scales from micro to macroscopic dynamics

Founding Body: Human Brain project, co-funded by
European Union Horizon 2020
Total grant: € 96k
Principal Investigator: Simona Olmi
Other participants: Viktor Jirsa (University of Aix-Marseille)
Project duration: 2021-2023
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Nonlinear Optics Topical Meeting – Virtual OSA Meeting 9 – 13 August 2021

ISC Director Claudio Conti co-organizes an OSA Virtual meeting from 9th to 13th August 2021.

An international forum for discussion of all aspects of nonlinear optics, including new phenomena, novel devices, advanced materials and applications. Nonlinear optical phenomena play a key role in many applications of photonics. They are now studied and applied over a wide range of energies and powers, from single-photons to zettawatts and above, and over broad spectral ranges, from THz to Gamma-ray frequencies.… Read the rest

Research at ISC – Presentazione dell’Istituto al Dipartimento di Fisica della Sapienza – 25 Maggio ore 14.30

The director of the Institute of Complex Systems, Prof. Claudio Conti, will present the activities of our Institute at the Physics Department of the University of Rome.

The meeting  will be on-line  on May 25th at 14.30, more information can be found here.Read the rest

Science: Mapping out a future for ungulate migrations

ISC researcher Stefano Focardi coauthored an interesting work in Science,”Mapping out a future for ungulate migrations” Science 372, 567 (2021).

The article shows how limited mapping of mammalians migrations hampers conservation  and envisions a digital archive translating migration data into actionable migration maps that are standardized, in a central database, and publicly available.


Migration of ungulates (hooved mammals) is a fundamental ecological process that promotes abundant herds, whose effects cascade up and down terrestrial food webs.… Read the rest